Vegetarian Cassoulet

Hello! It’s been a while. I have been busy adjusting to my new career and working on other important things as well. But I haven’t stopped cooking! Today I’m sharing a vegetarian version of a cassoulet. See, I had to stop making vegetarian or vegan meals for my family for a while because my dad…

Vegetarian Ramen (Vegetarian Tantanmen)

Who says you have to say good bye to creamy ramen broth if you’re going plant-based? Here’s a vegetarian version of spicy tantanmen for you to enjoy!

Vegan Spicy Braised Mince over Noodles

One of the Taiwanese dishes that I missed having–but with a healthier, plant-based twist! It tastes almost exactly the same, with that meaty texture still coming through. Check the recipe out!

Kidney Bean Burgers

These kidney bean burgers are deep-flavored and delicious! They go well with flatbread or mounted on burger buns with all the toppings.

No Yeast Flatbread

A quick and easy No Yeast Flatbread recipe with Sweet Tomato Chutney and Cilantro pesto on the side! This only took me less than an hour to make.

Falafel – Chickpea Nuggets

These healthy, delicious bites are are crispy on the outside, yet soft and melt in your mouth inside. It’s sure to be quite a hit on the dinner table.

White Bean Stew (Plant-Based Cassoulet)

I didn’t know I’d end up going 70% plant-based for three weeks, and it boosted a lot of my creativity. Will be sharing my recipes here! The first one is a Plant-based Cassoulet or white bean stew.