Sour Cream and Bacon Pasta (Hungarian-inspired)

Recently, I have been trying to explore other dishes, since most of my food is Asian, cause I really love Japanese, Korean, and Chinese food. I was talking to my friend who was Hungarian and we started discussing food. I’ve been quite intrigued because Eastern European dishes haven’t been something that’s been fully explored, and…

Orange Cauliflower

A vegan twist on a fast food favorite–coating the cauliflower in crispy batter then tossing it in a beautiful orange glaze. So delicious!

Spanakopita on a Budget

Here’s a quick, more budget-friendly vegetarian friendly-dish! Spanakopita, but on a budget 🙂

Hainanese Chicken

This lovely chicken recipe is something that I have tried in Hawker Centres in Singapore and is very delicious! I tried remaking it plenty of this is by far the one that I think I’ve succeeded the most it. Sharing the recipe with you!

Spinach and Mushroom Soup

Starting off the year with a healthy soup in an attempt to be gentler with our stomachs after the holiday season!

Salt and Pepper Squid

I really love this dish! This delicious Chinese restaurant favorite only requires less than 20 minutes of your time and only five ingredients.

Swedish Meatballs

I think one of the highlights for most people when visiting an Ikea store aside from their furniture would be the food—particularly the Swedish meatballs. They’re so good that even my mom who normally isn’t a fan of meatballs craves them every time we go to an Ikea store abroad. They’re juicy and quite flavorful,…