Vegan Spicy Braised Mince over Noodles

One of the Taiwanese dishes that I missed having–but with a healthier, plant-based twist! It tastes almost exactly the same, with that meaty texture still coming through. Check the recipe out!

Egg Fried Rice (Din Tai Fung – Taiwanese Style)

Egg Fried Rice is one of the dishes I love when I was in Taiwan during my student exchange semester. It was so accessible anywhere, in small street stalls or family restaurants, one used to be right outside the tunnel of the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung, and another near the temple where they…

Three Cup Chicken – San Bei Ji (三杯鸡)

One of my favorite recipes when I lived in Taiwan. I am sharing with you not only the recipe, but the journey that I went through in search for the best recipe that recreated memories from that hill side restaurant outside of Kaohsiung city.