Vegetarian Ramen (Vegetarian Tantanmen)

Who says you have to say good bye to creamy ramen broth if you’re going plant-based? Here’s a vegetarian version of spicy tantanmen for you to enjoy!

Creamy Uni Udon (Sea Urchin Udon)

Uni or Sea Urchin: the truffle of the sea—this is one of my favorite delicacies. It has a mild, delicate taste and the creamy texture goes well with pasta or noodles in general. In fact, the flavor is quite mild that it’s easy for another ingredient to overpower it.  It’s also interesting to note that…

Japanese Chicken Curry from Scratch

If you want to make your own Japanese curry from scratch, you don’t need to google and order special hard to find ingredients to do so. all you need is butter, flour, curry powder, and a couple of other simple ingredients to make this dish.

Tako Teppanyaki Soba

Not a traditional dish but quite flavorful and delicious. Perfect for days where you need to fly solo.

Simple Ramen Recipes for a Rainy Night

We’re making Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Tantan Ramen as the monsoon rains have started pouring in. We’ll also talk about upgrading your instant ramen to make it more delicious and exciting to eat.

Mentaiko Spaghetti

Mentaiko Spaghetti is another non traditional Japanese dish that originated from a restaurant in Tokyo named Kabe-No-Ana (“hole in the wall”) which opened in 1963 serving italian pasta with Japanese-style sauces.* This is another example of a Japanese fusion success as it is widely popular in Japan and loved by Japanese foodies. But what is…