Maruya – Banana Fritters

Maruya, otherwise known as Banana Fritters is a common snack in the Philippines. They’re great–sweet, delicious and filling! If you want them as a dessert, you can have a small serving too. Click for the recipe.

Chicken Tinola (Tinolang Manok)

A simple yet comforting Filipino Chicken Soup dish that is great for cold weather (or when you’re feeling under the weather. This dish has a very interesting history behind it, being part of a historical Filipino novel written by the Philippine National Hero. Filipino or not, this dish is a must try!

Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo)

Sharing with you one of the dishes that I cooked this week, Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo).
Our family rarely has it these days, but it brings me back to my childhood where we would usually share this meal on the dinner table.